Visibility Metrics LLC is a research and consulting concern founded in 2011 by Aries Arditi, Ph.D., who serves as its Principal Scientist.  We conduct research studies and forensic analyses in human visual perception spanning basic visual psychophysics, applied studies in the human factors of vision and visibility, and studies of functional visual impairment (low vision and blindness).

We offer services in the following three areas:

Vision Science Studies

Basic and applied research in

  • What and how people perceive visually
  • Assessment of vision function
  • Evaluation of visual task performance

Visual Accessibility Research

Solutions for enhancing visibility for those with

  • Normal vision
  • Low vision
  • Minimal vision and blindness

Forensic Visual Analyses

Expert analyses and testimony relating to

  • Visibility
  • Legibility
  • Visual disability

This site is a repository for information about what we do.  Here you can read about our past and current projects, access our technical and nontechnical publications on visibility issues, and contact us should you have specific need for our services. We add new information regularly.

Welcome to Visibility Metrics!  Please send comments here.